Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace / how sweet the sound / that saved a wretch like me." We all know these famous lyrics, but do we truly understand the gift of God's grace? In this 8-part series, Pastor Robert walks us through what God's grace really is, breaks down the often misunderstood relationship between law and grace, and shows us how we can live in God's amazing grace every day.

What's So Amazing About Grace
Novmber 2 Play Video

To kick off the Amazing Grace series, Pastor Robert explains how grace is unmerited, undeserved, and unearned favor from God. 

Amazing Righteousness
November 3 Play Video

In “Amazing Righteousness,” Pastor Robert explains what righteousness is and how we need God’s grace to have it.

Amazing Immutability
November 4 Play Video

In “Amazing Immutability,” Pastor Robert explains how understanding God’s unchangeable nature is key to grasping His grace

Amazing Salvation
November 5 Play Video

Pastor Robert continues the Amazing Grace series with a message about God's amazing salvation. He answers the question is salvation amazing? And if it is, what’s so amazing about it?

Amazing Husband
November 6 Play Video

In “Amazing Husband,” Pastor Robert shows us that, as Christians, we are the bride of Christ and explains that we must abandon our marriage to the law to be empowered to live in God’s grace.

Amazing Law
November 9 Play Video

In “Amazing Law,” Pastor Robert shares that although we are released from the law, we can relate to it as a master, mirror, map, and measure for our lives.

Amazing Works
November 10 Play Video

In “Amazing Works,” Pastor Robert explains that even though we are saved by grace, our works and behavior still matter.

Amazing Savior
November 11 Play Video

Pastor Robert concludes the Amazing Grace series with “Amazing Savior,” where he explains what Jesus saved us from so we can live under His grace.