Blessed Families

Every family is different—with their own wins, struggles, and personalities. But what’s the secret to having a truly happy home life? In this series, Pastor Robert talks about God’s design for families and how to live in His blessing for your family.

The Broken Family
May 3 play video

Pastor Robert begins the Blessed Families series with a message about how the very first family brought brokenness into the world, but through Jesus every person and family can discover redemption. 

The Blessed Marriage
May 10 Play Video

Pastor Robert shares how marriage represents God on earth, Christ and the Church, and covenant. 

From Broken to Blessed
May 17 Play Video

Pastor Robert shares the steps to go from broken relationships to families blessed by God.   

Blessed Sons and Daughters
May 24 Play Video

Pastor Robert explains that children are meant to be trained, adolescents taught, and adults trusted.  

The Family of God
May 31 Play Video

Pastor Robert concludes the Blessed Families series by explaining the life-transforming benefits of being adopted into a new spiritual family.