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Pastor Robert concludes the Eternity: Your Choice series as he discusses how God’s character is the answer to your tough questions. 

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Where and How

Pastor Robert explains that the choices we make today not only determine whereyou spend eternity but also howyou spend eternity. 

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Whosoever Will

Pastor Robert begins his new series,Eternity: Your Choicewith a message about how anyone can have everlasting life by choosing to follow Jesus.  

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Perfect or Perfected

So many of us obsess over everything in life being perfect. And when something isn’t perfect, feelings of stress, worry, doubt, and failure start creeping in. But what if perfection isn’t something that’s up to us? What if the things we are working so hard to fix on our own are things we need to give to God? 

Eternity: Your Choice

In this three-part series, Eternity: Your Choice, Pastor Robert shares how God gave each one of us a free will, but our choices have everlasting consequencesHe explains that the choices you make today not only determine whereyou spend eternity but also howyou spend eternity 

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Good News

Breaking news permeates our world. And in a world so seemingly filled with bad news, it can be easy to view the gospel through a negative lens. In his hope-filled series, Good News, Pastor Robert helps us understand the language surrounding the gospel message. He takes us through God’s Word and shows us that many words that may be perceived as negative within the gospel actually convey good news and show us the hope we have through Christ!