Perfect or Perfected

So many of us obsess over everything in life being perfect. And when something isn’t perfect, feelings of stress, worry, doubt, and failure start creeping in. But what if perfection isn’t something that’s up to us? What if the things we are working so hard to fix on our own are things we need to give to God? In his new series, Perfect or Perfected, Pastor Robert Morris will challenge your perspective on perfection and share why hearing, believing, and obeying God are the keys to peace, joy, and growth. You’ll learn biblical and practical ways to shift your focus from trying to be perfect to letting God perfect you as you walk closely with Him.

April 11 Play Video

Pastor Robert shares the reason why all our efforts to be perfect fall short and the hope we can find in God’s Word. 

Stressed Out
April 18 Play Video

Pastor Robert shares the unexpected purpose for stress in our lives and three biblical, practical ways we can deal with it. 

Good Enough
April 25 Play Video

Pastor Robert takes a closer look at what it means to be good and shares why God's grace far outweighs the goodness we try to achieve on our own. 

Simply Human
May 2 Play Video

Pastor Robert shares three truths about being human that will help us move from stressing about perfection to seeing ourselves the way God sees us.