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Principles of Multiplication Part 2

In his last message of The Blessed Life series, “The Principles of Multiplication part two,” Pastor Robert continues sharing from the story where Jesus fed the five thousand.

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Principles of Multiplication Part 1

In part one of “The Principles of Multiplication,” Pastor Robert shares two principles of giving from the story where Jesus fed the five thousand.

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Am I Generous

Pastor Robert continues The Blessed Life series with the message, “Am I Generous?” where he asks us to reflect on whether we are truly generous.

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Breaking the Spirit of Mammon

Pastor Robert continues The Blessed Life series with the message, “Breaking the Spirit of Mammon,” where he answers common questions about the spirit behind the love of money, whether money is evil, and what to do with money.

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The Principle of First

Pastor Robert continues The Blessed Life series by defining firstfruits and why we bring God the first in a message titled, “The Principle of First.”

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What Test

Pastor Robert continues The Blessed Life series with “What Test?” as he defines what tithing is and explains how it’s really a test of our hearts.

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It’s All About the Heart

In the first message of The Blessed Life series, Pastor Robert explains that giving is an attitude of the heart.

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Beyond Blessed

For almost 20 years, Pastor Robert has been teaching the Church how moving from selfishness to generosity is the key to living a blessed life, because it not only transforms your finances but also every area of your life. But before we can be generous, we have to first learn how to be faithful stewards in managing everything God entrusts to us. In this brand-new 4-part series, Beyond Blessed, Pastor Robert shows us what the Bible says about the importance of wise stewardship and how it’s God’s perfect plan to overcome all financial stress. This series will challenge your beliefs about money and equip you to steward all you have been given.

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Be a Better You

In the exciting new teaching series, Be A Better You: Blueprints For Christian Living, Pastor Robert gives us a look into the priorities of God’s heart and explains how we can grow and mature in our faith in Him and in our love toward each other. These six messages contain principles that will help you develop a blueprint for building your life on what matters most to God. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to live a Christ-centered life that is not moved by the changes in culture or by circumstances. These powerful and life-changing messages will help you become “a better you”—the person God created you to be!

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The Four Living Creatures

The Bible describes visions of four living creatures who gather around God’s throne in constant worship. With every word, they proclaim His power and greatness – all He has done, is doing, and is going to do. In Pastor Robert Morris’s new series, The Four Living Creatures, we learn what these heavenly creatures represent in the body of Christ worldwide, our church, and our own lives.