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Principles of Multiplication Part 2

In his last message of The Blessed Life series, “The Principles of Multiplication part two,” Pastor Robert continues sharing from the story where Jesus fed the five thousand.

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Principles of Multiplication Part 1

In part one of “The Principles of Multiplication,” Pastor Robert shares two principles of giving from the story where Jesus fed the five thousand.

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Am I Generous

Pastor Robert continues The Blessed Life series with the message, “Am I Generous?” where he asks us to reflect on whether we are truly generous.

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Breaking the Spirit of Mammon

Pastor Robert continues The Blessed Life series with the message, “Breaking the Spirit of Mammon,” where he answers common questions about the spirit behind the love of money, whether money is evil, and what to do with money.

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The Principle of First

Pastor Robert continues The Blessed Life series by defining firstfruits and why we bring God the first in a message titled, “The Principle of First.”

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What Test

Pastor Robert continues The Blessed Life series with “What Test?” as he defines what tithing is and explains how it’s really a test of our hearts.

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It’s All About the Heart

In the first message of The Blessed Life series, Pastor Robert explains that giving is an attitude of the heart.

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In this three-part series, Eternity: Your Choice, Pastor Robert shares how God gave each one of us a free will, but our choices have everlasting consequencesHe explains that the choices you make today not only determine whereyou spend eternity but also howyou spend eternity 

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Good News

Breaking news permeates our world. And in a world so seemingly filled with bad news, it can be easy to view the gospel through a negative lens. In his hope-filled series, Good News, Pastor Robert helps us understand the language surrounding the gospel message. He takes us through God’s Word and shows us that many words that may be perceived as negative within the gospel actually convey good news and show us the hope we have through Christ!

The Blessed Life

Our culture is saturated with false teaching on what it means to be blessed, but what does the Bible say about it? How can we truly live blessed lives? In this 7-part series based on Pastor Robert's bestselling book, The Blessed Life, You'll be encouraged and challenged to change the way you think about generosity and living a full, blessed life.