The End ... What Happens Next?

The afterlife is mysterious and can often be scary and overwhelming to think about. Just the thought of it raises question after question. What's heaven like? Is there a literal hell? Is there a judgment? What about the Second Coming? How can you know for sure? Join Pastor Robert Morris for the Gateway Series, The End... What Happens Next. Through this five-part series, he reveals the answers to these questions and so many more so you can begin living a life that matters. Because ultimately, what you believe about death and eternity will determine how you live.

A Tough Question
October 17 play video

In the first message of the series, The End … What Happens Next?, Pastor Robert Morris tackles a tough question: How could a loving God send anyone to hell?

A Tough Message
October 24 play video

In “A Tough Message,” Pastor Robert uncovers the very real nature of hell: who it’s for, what it’s like, and what we can do about it.

A Tough Day
October 31 play video

We’re not saved by works, but works do matter. In “A Tough Day,” Pastor Robert explains how works affect life after death … for believers and unbelievers.

A Glorious Day
November 7 play video

In the final message of the series, The End … What Happens Next?, Pastor Robert uncovers 21 irrefutable facts about the second coming and shares practical wisdom on how we should live in the present, knowing that He is returning in the future.