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Easter Service

This Week's Episode
Join us for a beautiful worship and a dynamic Easter message.

Recent Series

Divinely Human
This Week's Episode

Pastor Robert concludes his series Divinely Human by helping us understand why Jesus needed to be fully human and fully divine to conquer death and give us true life. 

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The Blessed Life
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Face to Face

How we view God affects every area of our lives. It shapes how we feel about Him, how we talk about Him, and even how we talk to Him. But God is divine and we’re only human, so how do we discover who He is, how He acts, and what He’s like? In this powerful series, Face to Face: Divine Encounters, Pastor Robert looks at real people whose lives were changed when they came face-to-face with Jesus. And as you get to know God better, your life will be transformed! 

The Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer has been memorized and recited by millions all around the world. It has shown up in countless films, TV shows, books, and songs. This prayer is so well-known and widely quoted, many people think of it as just an old prayer from the past. But the Lord’s Prayer isn’t just a great saying … it’s a powerful truth that should define how we live and pray. In just a few short sentences, Jesus gave us a timeless prayer containing the most important things we need to know and believe.

In this series, Pastor Robert unpacks this famous prayer line by line and reveals how its truths apply to us and our prayer lives today.

The Ministries of Jesus

Jesus’ time on earth was characterized by ministering to people. His examples of ministry point to the love, forgiveness, healing, and peace that come from the Father’s heart. In Pastor Robert’s new series, The Ministries of Jesus, you’ll learn about five ministries of Jesus as described in Luke: salvation, inner healing, deliverance, healing, and baptism in the Holy Spirit. Scripture tells us we are ambassadors for Christ and a representation of God the Father, and this series teaches you how to be ministers of the gospel from the greatest teacher of all—Jesus Christ.