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How Do I Know Jesus Is the Way?

Pastor Robert shares three attributes of God that prove salvation can only be found through Jesus. 

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How Do I Know The Bible is True?

Pastor Robert shares why we can trust that the Bible is not just a book but the living Word of God. 

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How Do I Know God Loves Me?

Pastor Robert discusses how we can confidently know God loves us, even in the midst of pain and suffering. 

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How Do I Know There Is a God? 

Pastor Robert explains why it’s important to have a correct worldview and how we can confidently know there’s a God. 

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The Principles of First Mention

Have you ever stopped to consider the significance of firsts? The first time you rode a bike. Your first date. Your first kiss. Your first job. Your first house. Your baby’s first word. Each signals a beginning, the potential of what is to come. The same is true in Scripture. Every time God mentions something for the first time in His Word, whether it be love, a relationship, a covenant, even death, it’s for a purpose. He is establishing a precedent, a significant 

pattern. Through this insightful series from Pastor Robert, you’ll discover what 

the principle of first mention really means as you uncover new and profound 

revelations from God’s Word. 

Perfect or Perfected

So many of us obsess over everything in life being perfect. And when something isn’t perfect, feelings of stress, worry, doubt, and failure start creeping in. But what if perfection isn’t something that’s up to us? What if the things we are working so hard to fix on our own are things we need to give to God? 

Eternity: Your Choice

In this three-part series, Eternity: Your Choice, Pastor Robert shares how God gave each one of us a free will, but our choices have everlasting consequencesHe explains that the choices you make today not only determine whereyou spend eternity but also howyou spend eternity